The first attacks came at night. Most people were unaware of their presence, shocked, devastated. But some of us knew. We’d met them in our offices, chatted with them at the school gates, talked to them in stores and even in our homes. Maybe we were even dating one of them, related to one.. but we knew.

Deep down, we saw clues that things weren’t right. But we failed to act. We let things go on too long, out of fear, apprehension, embarrassment. Even out of love.

Society was just that way, back then. But not now.

Reading the evidence, letters, journals, blog posts and social media rants that started in a wave of vigilanteism and ended with a trickle of fear before lights out, we wish we’d understood the signs better then.

But what good does wishing do?



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Appeared on TV in commercial breaks, May 13th 2020: 08.00

Josie: Reports are coming in from all over the world of strange winged creatures flying overhead. Some news outlets have even taken to calling this, “The End Times..”
John: Well Jenny, it is almost the silly season, could be some kind of student prank.
Josie: Yes John. But..
John: Here we have Bethany with the weather.

“John & Josie”: Popular Morning TV Anchors, 3 Minutes Before Transmission ended.

Their eyes were everywhere; swirling clouds of febrile lashes stroking me like a million tiny fingers, bruising me, devouring, yearning with their molten pupils, black and green and blue, golden and violet, violent and soul-filled. All they were was soul.

They knew me. They were me.

- Dream Diary found in broken elevator. Dated 10/5/20


- Found scrawled in blood on upturned desk in Courthouse

Me: I knew him. I knew what he was. And it wasn’t human.
And he knew I knew. I’m scared.  Karen, what sh…

Unsent message found on Rachel's iPad, along with makeup and car keys, behind toilet in Chelsea bar.

Extracted from smashed Android phone in a gutter..


Photo of End Timers in “Ascension” Ritual  – Found in rubble in downtown shopping mall..